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Supported Formats

Name Full name File conversion
abw AbiWord ABW converter
bin BIN, Generic Binary File BIN converter
cdt CorelDraw Template CDT converter
chm CHM - Microsoft Compiled HTML Help CHM converter
csv CSV - Comma-Separated Values CSV converter
dbf Database File DBF converter
doc DOC - Microsoft Word Binary File Format DOC converter
docm DOCM, Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document DOCM converter
docx DOCX - Office Open XML Document DOCX converter
dot DOT, Microsoft Word Document Template File DOT converter
dotx DOTX, Word Open XML Document Template DOTX converter
eml EML - EMail Message EML converter
exp Export File EXP converter
gdb GDB (GEO Data Base) GDB converter
geojson GeoJSON GEOJSON converter
geotiff GeoTIFF GEOTIFF converter
gps GPS Format GPS converter
gpx GPS Exchange Format GPX converter
grib GRIB (GRIdded Binary) GRIB converter
htm HTM, Hypertext Markup Language File HTM converter
html HTML - Hypertext Markup Language HTML converter
hwp HWP, Hanword Document HWP converter
json JavaScript Object Notation JSON converter
key KEY - Apple Keynote File KEY converter
kml Keyhole Markup Language KML converter
kmz Keyhole Markup Language zipped KMZ converter
md MD, Markdown Documentation File MD converter
msg MSG - Microsoft Outlook Email Format MSG converter
netcdf NetCDF (Network Common Data Form) NETCDF converter
nmea NMEA GPS data NMEA converter
numbers NUMBERS - Apple Numbers file NUMBERS converter
odg OpenDocument Drawing ODG converter
odp ODP - OpenDocument Presentation ODP converter
ods ODS - OpenDocument Spreadsheet ODS converter
odt ODT - OpenDocument Text ODT converter
ots OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template OTS converter
ott OpenDocument Text Template OTT converter
oxps OXPS - Open XML Paper Specification OXPS converter
pages PAGES - Apple Pages File PAGES converter
pdf PDF - Portable Document Format PDF converter
pes PES Brother Embroidery Format PES converter
potm PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template POTM converter
potx Microsoft PowerPoint Template POTX converter
pps Microsoft PowerPoint PPS converter
ppsm PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slideshow PPSM converter
ppsx PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show PPSX converter
ppt PPT - Microsoft PowerPoint Binary File Format PPT converter
pptm PPTM, PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation PPTM converter
pptx PPTX - Office Open XML Presentation PPTX converter
psb PhotoShop Big PSB converter
pub Microsoft Publisher document PUB converter
rst reStructuredText RST converter
rtf RTF - Rich Text Format RTF converter
sdc OpenOffice Spreadsheet SDC converter
sdw OpenOffice Text Document SDW converter
shp Shapefile format SHP converter
sqlite SQLite database SQLITE converter
stw StarOffice Document Template STW converter
sxc StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet SXC converter
sxw OpenOffice Writer document SXW converter
tab MapInfo TAB format TAB converter
tex TEX, LaTeX Source Document TEX converter
tsv Tab Separated Values TSV converter
txt TXT - Raw text file TXT converter
website Website WEBSITE converter
wk1 Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet WK1 converter
wks Microsoft Works Spreadsheet WKS converter
wkt Well-known text (WKT) WKT converter
wpd WordPerfect Document WPD converter
wps WPS - WPS Office WPS converter
xls XLS - Microsoft Excel Binary File Format XLS converter
xlsm XLSM, Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet XLSM converter
xlsx XLSX - Office Open XML Document XLSX converter
xlt Microsoft Excel Workbook Template XLT converter
xml XML - Extensible Markup Language XML converter
xmp Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform data XMP converter
xps XPS - XML Paper Specification XPS converter
yaml YAML Ain't Markup Language YAML converter