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Supported Formats

Name Full name File conversion
mp3 MP3 - MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III MP3 converter
wav WAV - Waveform Audio File Format WAV converter
aac AAC - Advanced Audio Coding AAC converter
m4a M4A - Audio-only MPEG-4 M4A converter
flac FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec FLAC converter
ogg OGG - Ogg Vorbis OGG converter
m4r M4R - MPEG 4 Ringtones Audio M4R converter
aiff AIFF - Audio Interchange File Format AIFF converter
wma WMA - Windows Media Audio WMA converter
ac3 Audio Coding 3 AC3 converter
amr AMR - Adaptive Multi-Rate AMR converter
dts Digital Theater Systems DTS converter
au Sun Microsystems AU files AU converter
aifc Audio Interchange File Format Compressed AIFC converter
ape Monkeys Audio APE converter
caf Core Audio Format CAF converter
cdda Compact Disc Digital Audio (raw audio) CDDA converter
aif AIF, Audio Interchange File Format AIF converter
opus OPUS - Opus Audio Format OPUS converter
dss Digital Speech Standard File DSS converter
gsm GSM, Global System for Mobile Audio File GSM converter
m4b MPEG-4 Audio Layer Bookmarkable File M4B converter
adts Audio Data Transport Stream (ADTS) ADTS converter
wv WavPack lossless audio compression WV converter
oga Ogg Audio Only File OGA converter
spx Speex SPX converter
shn Shorten SHN converter
voc Sound Blaster VOC files VOC converter
sf2 SoundFont SF2 converter
sfark sfArk Compressed SoundFont SFARK converter
weba WebA Audio File WEBA converter
snd MS-DOS early ’90s .SND files SND converter
tta True Audio TTA converter
xa Maxis XA files XA converter