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Supported Formats

Name Full name File conversion
jpg JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group JPG converter
png PNG - Portable Network Graphics PNG converter
gif GIF - CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format GIF converter
jpeg JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG converter
eps EPS - Adobe Encapsulated PostScript EPS converter
bmp BMP - Microsoft Windows bitmap BMP converter
svg SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics SVG converter
ai AI - Adobe Illustrator Artwork AI converter
tiff TIFF - Tagged Image File Format TIFF converter
psd PSD - Adobe Photoshop bitmap file PSD converter
cdr CDR - CorelDraw File Format CDR converter
ico ICO - Microsoft icon ICO converter
emf EMF - Microsoft Enhanced Metafile (32-bit) EMF converter
tga TGA - Truevision Targa image TGA converter
dds DDS - Microsoft Direct Draw Surface DDS converter
dng DNG - Digital Negative DNG converter
ps PS - Adobe PostScript file PS converter
webp WEBP - Weppy image format WEBP converter
arw Sony Alpha Raw ARW converter
rgb RGB Bitmap RGB converter
dcm DCM, Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Image File DCM converter
cr2 Canon RAW version 2 CR2 converter
crw Canon RAW CIFF Image File CRW converter
exr EXR, OpenEXR Image EXR converter
cur CUR - Microsoft Cursor Icon CUR converter
jp2 JP2, JPEG 2000 Core Image File JP2 converter
heic HEIC, High Efficiency Image Format HEIC converter
fax Group 3 FAX FAX converter
cgm Computer Graphics Metafile CGM converter
pgm PGM, Portable Gray Map Image PGM converter
plt HPGL for cutting plotter PLT converter
rgba Raw red, green, blue, and alpha samples RGBA converter
icns ICNS, Mac OS X Icon Resource File ICNS converter
tif TIF, Tagged Image File Format TIF converter
dmg DMG, Mac OS X Disk Image DMG converter
dst Design format (Tajima) DST converter
nef Nikon Electronic Format NEF converter
raw RAW - Camera raw image RAW converter
orf Olympus RAW Image file ORF converter
pcx Paintbrush Bitmap Image PCX converter
pef Pentax RAW file PEF converter
hdr HDR, High Dynamic Range Image File HDR converter
fig XFig file format FIG converter
ppm Portable Pixmap file PPM converter
raf Fuji RAW Image File RAF converter
yuv YUV, YUV Encoded Image File YUV converter
mng Multiple-image Network Graphics MNG converter
xpm X Windows system pixmap (color) XPM converter
pcd PCD, Photo CD PCD converter
sfw SFW, Seattle FilmWorks image SFW converter
pnm Portable Any Map Image PNM converter
pct PCT, Apple Macintosh QuickDraw Image PCT converter
nrw NRW, Nikon Digital SLR Camera Raw Image File NRW converter
vsd VSD - Microsoft Visio Format VSD converter
wbmp Wireless Bitmap File Format WBMP converter
svgz Compressed Scalable Vector Graphics SVGZ converter
wmf Windows Metafile WMF converter
uyvy 16bit/pixel interleaved YUV UYVY converter
xcf eXperimental Computing Facility XCF converter