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Supported Formats

🔸 File format 🔸 Full name 🔸 File conversion
123dx 123D Design Model File 123DX converter
3dm Rhino 3D Model 3DM converter
3ds Autodesk 3D Studio Max 3DS converter
3mf 3D Manufacturing Format 3MF converter
b3d Blitz3D Model B3D converter
blend Blender 3D data file BLEND converter
bsp Quake Engine Game Map File BSP converter
bvh Biovision Hierarchy BVH converter
c4d Cinema 4D C4D converter
ctm OpenCTM Data File CTM converter
dae COLLADA (COLLAborative Design Activity) DAE converter
dem USGS DEM DEM converter
dff DFF RenderWare Model File DFF converter
f3d Fusion 3D Design F3D converter
fbx Filmbox FBX converter
gcode G-Code 3D Printer File GCODE converter
glb GL Transmission Format GLB converter
gltf GL Transmission Format GLTF converter
hgl HP Graphics Language File HGL converter
iges Initial Graphics Exchange Specification IGES converter
igs Initial Graphics Exchange Specification IGS converter
ipt Inventor Part File IPT converter
lwo LightWave 3D Object File LWO converter
max 3ds Max Scene File MAX converter
mb Maya Binary Project File MB converter
mdl Warcraft 3 3D Model Text File MDL converter
mesh 3D Mesh Model MESH converter
nif Gamebryo Model File NIF converter
obj OBJ geometry format OBJ converter
off Object File Format OFF converter
osm OpenStreetMap Map File OSM converter
pdo Pepakura Designer File PDO converter
ply Polygon File Format PLY converter
pmd MikuMikuDance Project File PMD converter
pmx MikuMikuDance Project File PMX converter
psk Unreal Engine Skeletal Mesh File PSK converter
pskx Unreal Engine 3 Static Mesh Data PSKX converter
sk Sketch/Skencil format SK converter
skp SketchUp Document SKP converter
sldprt SolidWorks Part File SLDPRT converter
smd Valve Studiomdl Data format SMD converter
step Standard for the Exchange of Product model data STEP converter
stl Stereolithography File Format STL converter
stp Standard for the Exchange of Product model data STP converter
u3d Universal 3D U3D converter
vmd Vocaloid Motion Data File VMD converter
vtk Visualization Toolkit Data File VTK converter
vtx Anim8or 3D Model VTX converter
vvd VVD (Valve Studio Model Vertex Data File) VVD converter
wrl Virtual Reality Modeling Language File WRL converter
x3d Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics X3D converter
yft Grand Theft Auto 5 Texture File YFT converter
z3d ZModeler 3D File Z3D converter