File formats

Supported Formats

🔸 File format 🔸 Full name 🔸 File conversion
123dx 123D Design Model File 123DX converter
3dm Rhino 3D Model 3DM converter
3ds Autodesk 3D Studio Max 3DS converter
3g2 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 3G2 converter
3gp 3GP - Third Generation Partnership Project 3GP converter
3gpp 3GPP Multimedia File 3GPP converter
3mf 3D Manufacturing Format 3MF converter
7z 7Z - 7z Archive 7Z converter
aac AAC - Advanced Audio Coding AAC converter
aaf Advanced Authoring Format AAF converter
aax AAX - Audible Enhanced Audio AAX converter
abw AbiWord ABW converter
ac3 Audio Coding 3 AC3 converter
accdb Access 2007 Database ACCDB converter
ace WinAce Compressed File ACE converter
acsm Adobe Content Server Message ACSM converter
adts Audio Data Transport Stream (ADTS) ADTS converter
ai AI - Adobe Illustrator Artwork AI converter
aif AIF, Audio Interchange File Format AIF converter
aifc Audio Interchange File Format Compressed AIFC converter
aiff AIFF - Audio Interchange File Format AIFF converter
amr AMR - Adaptive Multi-Rate AMR converter
amv AMV video AMV converter
ape Monkeys Audio APE converter
arw Sony Alpha Raw ARW converter
asf ASF - Advanced Systems Format ASF converter
au Sun Microsystems AU files AU converter
aup Audacity project AUP converter
av1 AOMedia Video 1 AV1 converter
avchd AVCHD - Advanced Video Coding High Definition AVCHD converter
avi AVI - Microsoft Audio/Visual Interleaved AVI converter
azw AZW - Kindle Format 8 AZW converter
azw3 Amazon KF8 eBook File AZW3 converter
azw4 AZW4 Amazon Print Replica eBook AZW4 converter
b3d Blitz3D Model B3D converter
bin BIN, Generic Binary File BIN converter
blend Blender 3D data file BLEND converter
bmp BMP - Microsoft Windows bitmap BMP converter
bsp Quake Engine Game Map File BSP converter
bvh Biovision Hierarchy BVH converter
bz2 bzip2 BZ2 converter
c4d Cinema 4D C4D converter
cab Cabinet File CAB converter
caf Core Audio Format CAF converter
cbc Comic Book Collection CBC converter
cbr Comic Book RARE File CBR converter
cbz CBZ - Comic Book Archive CBZ converter
cda CD Audio track CDA converter
cdda Compact Disc Digital Audio (raw audio) CDDA converter
cdr CDR - CorelDraw File Format CDR converter
cdt CorelDraw Template CDT converter
cgm Computer Graphics Metafile CGM converter
chm CHM - Microsoft Compiled HTML Help CHM converter
cia Nintendo 3DS CTR importable archive CIA converter
cr2 Canon RAW version 2 CR2 converter
crw Canon RAW CIFF Image File CRW converter
csv CSV - Comma-Separated Values CSV converter
ctm OpenCTM Data File CTM converter
cue Cue sheet description CUE converter
cur CUR - Microsoft Cursor Icon CUR converter
cvs Continuous Variable Slope sound CVS converter
dae COLLADA (COLLAborative Design Activity) DAE converter
dat DAT formats DAT converter
dav DVR365 encrypted video recording DAV converter
db DB - SQLite Database File Format DB converter
dbf Database File DBF converter
dcm DCM, Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Image File DCM converter
dds DDS - Microsoft Direct Draw Surface DDS converter
deb Debian Software Package DEB converter
dem USGS DEM DEM converter
dff DFF RenderWare Model File DFF converter
dfont Mac dfont DFONT converter
dgn DGN (DesiGN) DGN converter
divx Digital Video Express Encoded Movie Files DIVX converter
djvu DJVU - DJVU Ebook Format DJVU converter
dmg DMG, Mac OS X Disk Image DMG converter
dng DNG - Digital Negative DNG converter
doc DOC - Microsoft Word Binary File Format DOC converter
docm DOCM, Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document DOCM converter
docx DOCX - Office Open XML Document DOCX converter
dot DOT, Microsoft Word Document Template File DOT converter
dotx DOTX, Word Open XML Document Template DOTX converter
dpx Digital Picture Exchange DPX converter
dss Digital Speech Standard File DSS converter
dst Design format (Tajima) DST converter
dts Digital Theater Systems DTS converter
dv Digital Video DV converter
dvr Microsoft Digital Video Recording DVR converter
dwf Design Web Format File DWF converter
dwg DWG - CAD Drawing DWG converter
dxf DXF - Drawing Interchange Format DXF converter
ecw Enhanced Compression Wavelet ECW converter
emf EMF - Microsoft Enhanced Metafile (32-bit) EMF converter
eml EML - EMail Message EML converter
emz Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile EMZ converter
eot EOT - Embedded OpenType EOT converter
eps EPS - Adobe Encapsulated PostScript EPS converter
epub EPUB - Electronic Publication EPUB converter
exp Export File EXP converter
exr EXR, OpenEXR Image EXR converter
f3d Fusion 3D Design F3D converter
f4v Flash MP4 video F4V converter
fax Group 3 FAX FAX converter
fb2 FB2 - FictionBook FB2 converter
fbx Filmbox FBX converter
fbz FBZ - FictionBookZip FBZ converter
fig XFig file format FIG converter
fit Garmin Activity File FIT converter
flac FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec FLAC converter
flv FLV - Flash Video FLV converter
gaeb Gemeinsamer Ausschuss Elektronik im Bauwesen GAEB converter
gcode G-Code 3D Printer File GCODE converter
gdb GDB (GEO Data Base) GDB converter
geojson GeoJSON GEOJSON converter
geotiff GeoTIFF GEOTIFF converter
gif GIF - CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format GIF converter
glb GL Transmission Format GLB converter
gltf GL Transmission Format GLTF converter
gml Graph Modelling Language GML converter
gps GPS Format GPS converter
gpx GPS Exchange Format GPX converter
grib GRIB (GRIdded Binary) GRIB converter
gsm GSM, Global System for Mobile Audio File GSM converter
gz GZ, Gnu Zipped Archive File GZ converter
h264 H.264 Video H264 converter
h265 H.265 High Efficiency Video H265 converter
hdr HDR, High Dynamic Range Image File HDR converter
heic HEIC, High Efficiency Image Format HEIC converter
heif High Efficiency Image File Format HEIF converter
hevc High Efficiency Video Coding HEVC converter
hgl HP Graphics Language File HGL converter
htm HTM, Hypertext Markup Language File HTM converter
html HTML - Hypertext Markup Language HTML converter
htmlz Zipped HTML file HTMLZ converter
hwp HWP, Hanword Document HWP converter
icns ICNS, Mac OS X Icon Resource File ICNS converter
ico ICO - Microsoft icon ICO converter
iges Initial Graphics Exchange Specification IGES converter
igs Initial Graphics Exchange Specification IGS converter
img IMG, Disk Image File IMG converter
ipt Inventor Part File IPT converter
ismv Smooth Streaming MPEG-4 Multimedia Fragment ISMV converter
iso ISO, Disc Image File ISO converter
itn TomTom Navigator Itinerary ITN converter
jar JAR, Java Archive File JAR converter
jfif JPEG File Interchange Format JFIF converter
jif JPEG Interchange Format JIF converter
jp2 JP2, JPEG 2000 Core Image File JP2 converter
jpe JPE Image File JPE converter
jpeg JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG converter
jpg JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group JPG converter
jpg_large Large JPEG Image JPG_LARGE converter
jps Stereo JPEG Image JPS converter
json JavaScript Object Notation JSON converter
kdc Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image KDC converter
key KEY - Apple Keynote File KEY converter
kfx Amazon KF10 eBook File KFX converter
kml Keyhole Markup Language KML converter
kmz Keyhole Markup Language zipped KMZ converter
lit Microsoft Literature eBook File LIT converter
lrf Sony Portable Reader File LRF converter
lwo LightWave 3D Object File LWO converter
m1v MPEG-1 IPB M1V converter
m2t MPEG-2 transport stream M2T converter
m2ts M2TS - BDAV MPEG-2 transport stream M2TS converter
m2v MPEG-2 Video M2V converter
m3u MP3 playlist M3U converter
m3u8 UTF-8 M3U Playlist M3U8 converter
m4a M4A - Audio-only MPEG-4 M4A converter
m4b MPEG-4 Audio Layer Bookmarkable File M4B converter
m4p Apple iTunes Music Store audio M4P converter
m4r M4R - MPEG 4 Ringtones Audio M4R converter
m4v M4V - Raw MPEG-4 M4V converter
mac MacPaint Image MAC converter
map MAP Color palette MAP converter
max 3ds Max Scene File MAX converter
mb Maya Binary Project File MB converter
md MD, Markdown Documentation File MD converter
mdb Microsoft Access DataBase MDB converter
mdl Warcraft 3 3D Model Text File MDL converter
mesh 3D Mesh Model MESH converter
mid Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MID) MID converter
midi Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) MIDI converter
mjpeg Motion JPEG video MJPEG converter
mjpg Motion JPG video MJPG converter
mkv MKV - Matroska MKV converter
mng Multiple-image Network Graphics MNG converter
mobi MOBI - Mobipocket MOBI converter
mod Tapeless Camcorder Movie File MOD converter
mov MOV - QuickTime File Format MOV converter
mp2 MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File MP2 converter
mp3 MP3 - MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III MP3 converter
mp4 MP4 - MPEG-4 Part 14 MP4 converter
mpeg MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group file interchange format (version 1) MPEG converter
mpeg2 MPEG-2 MPEG2 converter
mpeg4 MPEG-4 MPEG4 converter
mpg MPEG Video Stream MPG converter
msg MSG - Microsoft Outlook Email Format MSG converter
mswmm Microsoft Windows Movie Maker project MSWMM converter
mts High-definition MPEG Transport Stream MTS converter
mxf MXF, Material Exchange Format File MXF converter
nds Nintendo DS game ROM NDS converter
nef Nikon Electronic Format NEF converter
netcdf NetCDF (Network Common Data Form) NETCDF converter
nif Gamebryo Model File NIF converter
nmea NMEA GPS data NMEA converter
nrw NRW, Nikon Digital SLR Camera Raw Image File NRW converter
nsp Nintendo Submission Package NSP converter
numbers NUMBERS - Apple Numbers file NUMBERS converter
obj OBJ geometry format OBJ converter
odf OpenDocument Formula ODF converter
odg OpenDocument Drawing ODG converter
odp ODP - OpenDocument Presentation ODP converter
ods ODS - OpenDocument Spreadsheet ODS converter
odt ODT - OpenDocument Text ODT converter
oeb OEB (Open eBook File) OEB converter
off Object File Format OFF converter
oga Ogg Audio Only File OGA converter
ogg OGG - Ogg Vorbis OGG converter
ogv OGV - Ogg Video OGV converter
opus OPUS - Opus Audio Format OPUS converter
orf Olympus RAW Image file ORF converter
osm OpenStreetMap Map File OSM converter
ost Off-line Storage Table OST converter
otf OTF, OpenType Font OTF converter
ots OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template OTS converter
ott OpenDocument Text Template OTT converter
oxps OXPS - Open XML Paper Specification OXPS converter
pages PAGES - Apple Pages File PAGES converter
pal PAL 16bit Image PAL converter
pam Portable Arbitrary Map PAM converter
pbf Protocolbuffer Binary Format PBF converter
pbm Portable Bit Map PBM converter
pcd PCD, Photo CD PCD converter
pct PCT, Apple Macintosh QuickDraw Image PCT converter
pcx Paintbrush Bitmap Image PCX converter
pdb PalmDOC eBook File PDB converter
pdf PDF - Portable Document Format PDF converter
pdo Pepakura Designer File PDO converter
pef Pentax RAW file PEF converter
pes PES Brother Embroidery Format PES converter
pfa PostScript type 1 font PFA converter
pfb PostScript Type 1 (Binary) PFB converter
pgm PGM, Portable Gray Map Image PGM converter
pict Apple Macintosh QuickDraw Picture PICT converter
plt HPGL for cutting plotter PLT converter
ply Polygon File Format PLY converter
pmd MikuMikuDance Project File PMD converter
pml PML (Palm Markup Language File) PML converter
pmlz PMLZ (Zipped Palm Markup Language File) PMLZ converter
pmx MikuMikuDance Project File PMX converter
png PNG - Portable Network Graphics PNG converter
pnm Portable Any Map Image PNM converter
potm PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template POTM converter
potx Microsoft PowerPoint Template POTX converter
ppm Portable Pixmap file PPM converter
pps Microsoft PowerPoint PPS converter
ppsm PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slideshow PPSM converter
ppsx PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show PPSX converter
ppt PPT - Microsoft PowerPoint Binary File Format PPT converter
pptm PPTM, PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation PPTM converter
pptx PPTX - Office Open XML Presentation PPTX converter
prc Mobipocket eBook PRC converter
prn PRN PostScript file PRN converter
ps PS - Adobe PostScript file PS converter
psb PhotoShop Big PSB converter
psd PSD - Adobe Photoshop bitmap file PSD converter
psk Unreal Engine Skeletal Mesh File PSK converter
pskx Unreal Engine 3 Static Mesh Data PSKX converter
psp PlayStation Portable Video PSP converter
pst Personal Storage Table PST converter
pub Microsoft Publisher document PUB converter
pvf Portable Voice Format PVF converter
pwp Seattle FilmWorks Image PWP converter
ra Real Audio File RA converter
raf Fuji RAW Image File RAF converter
rar RAR - RAR Archive RAR converter
raw RAW - Camera raw image RAW converter
rb RB (Rocket Edition eBook File) RB converter
rgb RGB Bitmap RGB converter
rgba Raw red, green, blue, and alpha samples RGBA converter
rm RM - RealMedia RM converter
rmvb RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File RMVB converter
rst reStructuredText RST converter
rtf RTF - Rich Text Format RTF converter
rw2 Panasonic Lumix RAW image RW2 converter
scad OpenSCAD Script SCAD converter
sd2 Sound Designer 2 audio data SD2 converter
sdc OpenOffice Spreadsheet SDC converter
sdw OpenOffice Text Document SDW converter
sf2 SoundFont SF2 converter
sfark sfArk Compressed SoundFont SFARK converter
sfd Spline Font Database SFD converter
sfw SFW, Seattle FilmWorks image SFW converter
shn Shorten SHN converter
shp Shapefile format SHP converter
sk Sketch/Skencil format SK converter
skp SketchUp Document SKP converter
sldprt SolidWorks Part File SLDPRT converter
smd Valve Studiomdl Data format SMD converter
smp SampleVision Audio SMP converter
snb Shanda Bambook SNB converter
snd MS-DOS early ’90s .SND files SND converter
spb Samsung Kies exported phone contacts library SPB converter
sph NIST SPHERE Audio File SPH converter
spx Speex SPX converter
sql Structured Query Language data SQL converter
sqlite SQLite database SQLITE converter
srt SubRip Text SRT converter
step Standard for the Exchange of Product model data STEP converter
stl Stereolithography File Format STL converter
stp Standard for the Exchange of Product model data STP converter
stw StarOffice Document Template STW converter
sun Sun Raster SUN converter
svg SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics SVG converter
svgz Compressed Scalable Vector Graphics SVGZ converter
swf SWF - Small Web Format SWF converter
sxc StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet SXC converter
sxw OpenOffice Writer document SXW converter
tab MapInfo TAB format TAB converter
tar TAR - Tape Archive TAR converter
tar.bz2 TAR-BZ2 archive TAR.BZ2 converter
tar.gz Gzip Compressed Archive TAR.GZ converter
tar.lz TAR.LZ Compressed Archive File TAR.LZ converter
tar.xz TAR.XZ Compressed Archive File TAR.XZ converter
tbz2 BZIP/TAR compressed archive TBZ2 converter
tcr Psion Series 3 eBook File TCR converter
tex TEX, LaTeX Source Document TEX converter
tga TGA - Truevision Targa image TGA converter
tgz TGZ, Gzipped Tar File TGZ converter
tif TIF, Tagged Image File Format TIF converter
tiff TIFF - Tagged Image File Format TIFF converter
tod JVC Transport Stream on Disk TOD converter
ts Video Transport Stream File TS converter
tsv Tab Separated Values TSV converter
tta True Audio TTA converter
ttc TrueType Font collection TTC converter
ttf TTF - TrueType font file TTF converter
txt TXT - Raw text file TXT converter
txtz TXTZ (Text Zip) TXTZ converter
u3d Universal 3D U3D converter
uyvy 16bit/pixel interleaved YUV UYVY converter
vc1 VC-1 Video Data VC1 converter
vcf vCard - Virtual Contact File VCF converter
vmd Vocaloid Motion Data File VMD converter
vob VOB - Video Object VOB converter
voc Sound Blaster VOC files VOC converter
vox ADPCM Dialogic sound data VOX converter
vpj VideoPad video editor project VPJ converter
vsd VSD - Microsoft Visio Format VSD converter
vtk Visualization Toolkit Data File VTK converter
vtx Anim8or 3D Model VTX converter
vvd VVD (Valve Studio Model Vertex Data File) VVD converter
wav WAV - Waveform Audio File Format WAV converter
wbmp Wireless Bitmap File Format WBMP converter
weba WebA Audio File WEBA converter
webm WEBM - HTML5 video WEBM converter
webp WEBP - Weppy image format WEBP converter
website Website WEBSITE converter
wk1 Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet WK1 converter
wks Microsoft Works Spreadsheet WKS converter
wkt Well-known text (WKT) WKT converter
wlmp Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker video project WLMP converter
wma WMA - Windows Media Audio WMA converter
wmf Windows Metafile WMF converter
wmv WMV - Windows Media Video WMV converter
wmz Compressed Windows Metafile WMZ converter
woff Web Open Font Format WOFF converter
woff2 Web Open Font Format 2.0 package WOFF2 converter
wpd WordPerfect Document WPD converter
wpl Microsoft Windows Media Player playlist WPL converter
wps WPS - WPS Office WPS converter
wrl Virtual Reality Modeling Language File WRL converter
wtv Windows Recorded TV Show WTV converter
wv WavPack lossless audio compression WV converter
wve Wondershare Filmora WVE converter
x3d Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics X3D converter
xa Maxis XA files XA converter
xbm X BitMap XBM converter
xcf eXperimental Computing Facility XCF converter
xci NX Card Image XCI converter
xls XLS - Microsoft Excel Binary File Format XLS converter
xlsm XLSM, Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet XLSM converter
xlsx XLSX - Office Open XML Document XLSX converter
xlt Microsoft Excel Workbook Template XLT converter
xml XML - Extensible Markup Language XML converter
xmp Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform data XMP converter
xpm X Windows system pixmap (color) XPM converter
xps XPS - XML Paper Specification XPS converter
xvid XviD XVID converter
xz XZ Utils compressed archive XZ converter
yaml YAML Ain't Markup Language YAML converter
yft Grand Theft Auto 5 Texture File YFT converter
yuv YUV, YUV Encoded Image File YUV converter
z3d ZModeler 3D File Z3D converter
zip ZIP - ZIP Archive ZIP converter