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Information about MD file format

Name MD
Full name MD, Markdown Documentation File
File extension .md
MIME type
Developed by John Gruber
Type of format Developer
Description MD files are text files. The text inside is written in one of many different dialects of the Markdown development language. They are also used to author documentation in plain text format to be turned into HTML. Furthermore, MD files are used to version control source code because it makes it easy to compare the code to revisions that have been written in human-readable text.
Technical details The data inside the MD file is saved in plain text. However, this text can contain inline symbols that indicate how certain parts of the text should be formatted, such as bold, italic, table formatting, and more. The developer of the MD file format, John Gruber, also developed a program using the Perl programming language which allows the easy conversion of MD files in Markdown to HTML. Next to MD, Markdown files can also be saved using the MARKDOWN file extension.
Associated programs Apple TextEdit (Mac), Daring Fireball Markdown (Windows, Mac & Linux), GitHUb (Web), GNU Emacs (Linux), gVim (Windows), MacroMates TextMate (Mac & Linux), MacVim (Mac), Microsoft Notepad (Windows), Microsoft WordPad (Windows), Vim (Linux), any other text editor


    👍 What is the best MD converter?
    AnyConv. Our MD converter is fast, free and does not require software installation.
    🔺 How to convert Document files to MD?
    Choose files and upload them on the page. Select "to MD" and click "Convert". After a few seconds, you can download MD files.
    🔻 How do i change MD to another format?
    Upload your MD-file on the page. Select target format and click "Convert". MD conversion takes a few seconds.
    📱 Can I use MD converter on iPhone or iPad?
    Yes, you can convert MD files from iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, because AnyConv MD Converter is a multi-platform web service.