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Information about AVCHD file format

🔸 File format AVCHD
🔸 Full name AVCHD - Advanced Video Coding High Definition
🔸 File extension .mts, .m2ts
🔸 MIME type video/MP2T
🔸 Developed by Sony, Panasonic
🔸 Type of format
🔸 Description AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) is a file-based format for the digital recording and playback of high-definition video. It is H.264, and Dolby AC-3 packaged into the MPEG transport stream, with a set of constraints designed around the camcorders. Developed jointly by Sony and Panasonic, the format was introduced in 2006 primarily in high definition consumer camcorders. Related specifications include the professional variants AVCCAM and NXCAM. In addition, AVCHD specification allows using recordable DVDs, memory cards, non-removable solid-state memory, and hard disk drives as recording media.
🔸 Technical details
🔸 Associated programs ALLPlayer, MPlayer, VLC, PotPlayer
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    👍 What is the best AVCHD converter?
    Perhaps our AVCHD converter is the best. AnyConv is fast, free and does not require software installation.
    🔺 How to convert Video files to AVCHD?
    Choose files and upload them on the page. Select "to AVCHD" and click "Convert". After a few seconds, you can download AVCHD files.
    🔻 How do i change AVCHD to another format?
    Upload your AVCHD-file on the page. Select target format and click "Convert". AVCHD conversion takes a few seconds.
    📱 Can I use AVCHD converter on iPhone or iPad?
    Yes, you can convert AVCHD files from iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, because AnyConv AVCHD Converter is a multi-platform web service.