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Information about PRC file format

Name PRC
Full name Mobipocket eBook
File extension .prc
MIME type application/x-mobipocket-ebook, application/x-mobipocket
Developed by Mobipocket
Type of format eBook File
Description The file type .prc is an eBook format created by a French eBook company called Mobipocket which created a free software application for multiple devices including PDAs, smartphones and tablet devices. The .prc extension is actually identical to .mobi extension but is used specifically for Palm devices which only support .prc or .pdb extensions.
Technical details The eBook format is based on XHTML and also allows for frames and JavaScript. The format supports DRM protection, images and tables. It also allows for interactive actions such as adding notes, corrections, annotations and bookmarking. The format was designed to optimise certain elements such as images for mobiel devices on low bandwidth.
Associated programs Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Mobipocket Reader Desktop