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Information about SNB file format

Name SNB
Full name SNB, S Note File
File extension .snb
MIME type
Developed by Samsung
Type of format Archive
Description SNB files are typically created by the mobile application S Note. The application has been developed by Samsung for their mobile devices. Saving notes in S Note will result in an SNB file that functions as an archive. Next to text, these files can also include video and audio data as well as images. The SNB format is ouddated by now and has been replaced by the SPD file extension.
Technical details This advanced format is quick to use and is compatible with a number of other files making it technically advanced and user-friendly. The S Note application is also able to save notes in more common formats like PDF and JPG. On a computer, you can easily open SNB files by renaming the file extension to ZIP. Afterwards, the files can be unzipped using an appropriate program.
Associated programs Samsung S Note, snbopen