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Information about WBMP file format

Full name Wireless Bitmap File Format
File extension .wbmp
MIME type image/vnd.wap.wbmp
Developed by WAP Forum
Type of format Image File
Description The WBMP file format is a now obsolete file type that was used by early mobile phones to exchange and store images. WBMP files are black and white only. The WBMP format was succeeded by the PNG format for use by WAP mobile phones as this provided colour support. A requirement for a WAP specific image format has been rendered increasingly unnecessary due to the advent of smartphones and their support of a range of image formats.
Technical details A .WBMP file is saved in bit format. This means that each pixel represents 1 bit. Each pixel can be black or white. Each WBMP file is comprised of a type field, a header field, a width value, a height value and the data for the image itself.
Associated programs Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
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